This is an overview over some older news.
To Print! - 1. April 2007
The DVD was sent to print earlier this week, and we expect it to be finished right after easter. I've added the cover picture and uppdated some other stuff on the pages. I have some problems to get the guestbook to work, but hopefully I'll get it right along with the order forms so that you can order the DVD easily.

DVD Finished, But... - 11. Mars 2007
I sat for many hours one day and finished the DVD menus and subtitles. But, the DVD was tested on a viewing, and did not pass 100%. I tried on my computer too and there seems to be some problems both with subtitles and that the movie stops. I also notices a big fault in the movie that I have to repair, and then render it again(a 16 hour long process). So, I'll test the DVD some more, and then fix the errors I can. I have also compared prices on the DVD publicing companies. Norwegian Media Authoroty is in box and the DVD is registered. So, everything is almost finished and ready for release. I'd hoped for the end of Mars, but it may be sometimes early in April.

While We Wait - 14. Februar 2007
We are waiting for the registration and approval from the Norwegian Media Authority. Since last update all of the bonus material is finished and we have made subtitles for Norwegian, Swedish and English language. The cover is also as god as finished. What remains is the print on the DVD disk, the DVD menu, the registration, and the printing. Much of this is out of our hand so I don't know how much time it will take, but we hope to be finished with the DVD in February and 500 DVD's printed in Mars. I also remove the Guestbook temporary because of the spam, but it should be back before the release.

Much To Do - 27. November 2006
It's taking a lot more time than planned to finnish the DVD version of the movie, so we probably wont release it this year. The reasons is that it tok more time than expected to make the bonus material and finalize the movie, and too little tin because of school. What I have done the last month is to fix some errors we've found, improved the cover and then begun on the bonus material. We've also made a commentary track to the movie.

Update - 22. Oktober 2006
we have shown the movie several times both private and public, and it has went very well. The making of the DVD takes time and goes slowly, mainly because of studies and other stuff. The DVD may be delayed, but it will come. We got some money from sparebank 1 in Kongsberg, they give away 8 scolarships/gifts of 10000 kr to young people. Ours go to the printing of the DVD.

Report From The Premiere - 25. September 2006
The premiere is over, and a report is posted on Viewings -> Reports. some other small details is uppdated, and I'm going to work on the final release DVD version that is coming soon(1-2 months).

Movie Finished - 17. September 2006
Then the movie was finished. Everything ready for the opening, the movie is on a DVD. The poster can you find at Multimedia -> Cover++. I can finally breath a little bit. Then start again to create the final release DVD with the bonus stuff, subtitles, cover, repair possible bugs etc. See you on the show!

More About The Premiere - 8. September 2006
The date we are going to show the movie in the local cinema(Hvittingfoss kino) is approaching rapidly. On september 23rd we are going to show the movie several times, respectively at 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00. Tickets cost 50 kroner each. The movie, on this date, is almost finished. We need two songs that we get soon, and I'm going to make posters ths weekend. I cant wait until we are finished with all of it.

The Release Date - 15. August 2006
The release date is put to Saturday the 23rd of September, and we will try to work towards that day. Have done quite a lot lately, every scene is now improved visually. check the screenshots at Multimedia -> Screenshots. I have also improved the soun on some scenes, so we are getting close to finish. Some scenes still remains to fix here, and we are still short on som music and effects.

More Detailediting - 4. August 2006
Now there are only 4 scenes left that need visual improvements, but still on most of the scenes the audio perfection remains. To take a look at screenshots from the newly finished scenes go to Multimedia -> Screenshots.

Rough Editing Finished - 23. July 2006
Friday we finally got the last scenes from the DV-camera, and edited them together. That make the whole movie finally completly rough edited, and about 5 scenes are more or less finished. Whats remaining is the finish for all the scenes, improve the sound, and add the last songs and music. After that the movie can be burned for the premiere, but the finished DVD version takes some additional time.

Little But Good - 15. July 2006
A page we got in the local newspaper is added(Multimedia -> Cover ++), lots of pictures from the photoshoot(Multimedia -> Photoshoot), and then we(Jarmo and John) edited some more today.

Pictures - 1. July 2006
Some more screenshots from the movie.

Finally Back - 26. June 2006
After a lot of downtime we ar finally back with a new webhotel and a new domain. We hope that the change from .net to .com does not create any difficulties. We have also edited some more in this period. Several scenes is looking allmost finished and we've added some music. Pictures are coming soon. What remains is to record some songs, edit the rest of the scenes, make some small changes and improvements and some other stuff. I think we are able to get it out to DVD in September, but at least we are finished with the movie by then so that we can show it.

Last Scene Shooted, And Pictures - 22. May 2006
The last scene was shoot 13. may, and some behind the scenes pictures for scene 9 can you find at Multimedia -> Behind the Scenes. I've also added some more screenshots from the 3 first scenes that are finished, at Multimedia -> Screenshots.

Some Pictures and Videoclips - 6. May 2006
Added some behind the scenes pictures from scene 8 and 12 at Multimedia -> Behind the Scenes. In addition a videoclip from the same scene and the intro to Hellig Tre film, at Multimedia -> Video Clips.

Links - 27. April 2006
I've added a section for links on the page.

The Process - 20. April 2006
I've written about how we make the movie, from the script to the final edit, and you can read it at The Movie -> The Process. I have also added a favorite icon, and in Firfox this is also the adressbar icon.

Trailer! - 8. April 2006
Now we finally got a trailer, you can download it in 4 different qualities in the multimedia section. All are in QuickTime format.You find it in Multimedia -> Trailer

New Section - 21. Mars 2006
When we get to plan when and where to show the movie, this will be updated in the "Viewings" section that I added.

Layout Improvement - 1. Mars 2006
I've added some changing pictures up in the left corner, and a counter that counts unique visits to this pages.

More Editing - 26. February 2006
Yesterday we gathered again, John, Jarmo, Ruben and Isak to continiue the editing process and to improve some scenes. This time we added/changed music on scene 2, impoved some small other places, and edited the last scene - scene 12.

Pictures And A Video Clip - 22. February 2006
I posted some pictures from the filming of scene 8, in addition to a short video clip.

English Section Up Running - 18. February 2006
This site contains everything about our new upcoming movie, "The Pact". We hope you enjoy the content, and that you will look forward to the movie. Pleas write a comment in the guestbook.