Change in order - 21. January 2010
To order you now have to mail because there has been somethng wrong with the mail sending from the form on this site(now removed).

Imdb and Mudistore - 11. July 2008
Our distributor have a new homepage and The Pact is there for sale:Mudistore. And finally we got the movie to Imdb. so if you have an account there and have seen the movie, vote for us so that we get at least 5 votes.

Distribution - 3. June 2008
We have now got a distribution agreement with Master Music Club, and The Pact showed up in their newest memeber-newspaper. Other paper where The Pakt is promoted is: Andre steder som har med Pakten er: Vårt lands medieklubb - a magazine to different stores, GospelGuiden and Familiens filmklubb (Familiefilm). Hope the sales increase a bit and more people get the opportunity to see the movie! This way the movie get to be known in a lot of new places.

Sad News - 14. October 2007
Something very sad happened on Wednesday. Isak "Rain" Bjerknes, the main character in the movie, died in a car accident. Than you Isak for who you were. You are now with your father in heaven and we look forward to the big reunion.

Download The Pact! - 28. September 2007
Now it's over a year since the first preview, and we thought that in that occasion we could make the movie free to download. Klick here or on the menu to the left to get to the right page.

Lower Price - 11. August 2007
We have sold over 100 DVDs and the income have soon exeeded the budget, so we decided to lower the price to 40 NOK, 8 USD or 5 Euro +shipping. You can pay more if you want to. The costs of one DVD is about 6 USD or 3,5 Euro and the profit goes to Hellig Tre Film and our next project.

Guestbook And Order Form - 1. April 2007
Then the Guestbook is finally upp and running again, and so are a order form. You can order the DVD from >>>HERE<<<.